Woman Gives Birth in Passenger Seat of Moving Car While Stunned Kids Watch From Back Seat

The baby could not wait to get out into the world.

A shocking video shows a Texas mom screaming in agony while giving birth in her family’s car as her kids stare in awe from the back seat.

Alexis Swinney, 25, was in labor and on her way to the hospital with her husband Dominique and children recently when her water broke.

The hospital was 10 minutes away from their McKinney home, which apparently was not close enough.

Swinney had instructed her husband to record the birth as they drove to the hospital, so he did, with one hand on the wheel and one hand on his phone.

As they drove to the hospital, the mother faced the backseat in obvious pain, and it wasn't long before she delivered the baby herself.

“It's really surreal,” Swinney said. “There was no time to push. My body was like this is what needs to happen and I was just like a part of it.” 

Their other children were in the back seat of the car, watching in shock. 

“They were definitely a little, 'What just happened?'” Swinney told Inside Edition. The family posted the video to Instagram, where it has since gone viral. 

Their newborn, Corbyn Hope, is their fifth child.

On Monday, Jimmy Kimmel featured the entire family on his show, where he announced he was giving them a new SUV.