Meet the Babies Born During Hurricanes Irma and Harvey

The moms shared their horror stories about giving birth during the storms.

Two sets of babies in two different parts of the country all have one thing in common — they were born during major hurricanes that lashed their mothers' neighborhoods last year. 

The group of women went into labor as Hurricane Irma was barreling toward Florida as a Category 4 storm between Aug. 30 and Sept. 13, 2017.

Irma killed 134 people and left 12 million without power. In total, there was $65 billion in damages.

"It was kinda scary for me,” one mom, Bianca Katia, told Inside Edition. 

"It was really stressful," added Eileen Cohen. "We actually ended up leaving the state; we went to Georgia."

Carrie Hernandez had to give birth in the dark.

"It was pretty scary since there was no power,” Hernandez added. “So the only thing I had when I delivered him was just one of those camping lights and that was it."

Tatyanna Watkins was stranded at home as she went into labor. She was forced to deliver her daughter, Destiny, with the help of a 911 dispatcher and her boyfriend.

"It was traumatizing,” she said. 

Johanna Irigoyen found herself evacuated to a cramped, makeshift maternity ward with dozens of other moms to be.

"It was very crowded," Irigoyen recalled. "It was over 45 pregnant women on the floor. We had to share one bathroom with two stalls."

Yaritza Gonzalez feels a unique connection with her hurricane baby, as she was one herself.
"It’s extra special because I’m a hurricane baby," she said. "I was born in '88 during [Hurricane] Gilbert in Cuba." 
Some parents even named their babies after the hurricanes, like Nayiri Storm.

Just over 1,200 miles away, another group of little cuties were delivered as Hurricane Harvey pummeled Texas between Aug. 17 and Sept. 2.

The storm and the flooding it brought with it caused more than 70 deaths and $125 billion in damages.

"What we saw around us was chaos, absolute chaos," said mom Jessica Coane.

"It was crazy, the power was out in the hospital, we were running on generators," added Angel Dean Pasadena.

"You start seeing your area on the news and then you're seeing people on boats riding through our streets," Kimberly Reyes recalled. "I was nervous."

Ciara Davis remembers a frantic effort to get to the hospital.

"All of the exits from the highway were completely flooded, so there was a point where I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m gonna have this baby on the side of I-10,’” she said. 

Luckily, she made it just in time to deliver baby Landon.

Wintana Harness and her husband were stuck at home and in desperate need of help.

"We had a dump truck come to the house and we had to get on the back of the dump truck because the ambulance couldn't make it through the neighborhood,” she recalled. 

They were rushed to the hospital, where Eden came into the world.

Connie Sotello remembers waiting six hours for an ambulance and recalled, “Nobody could get to us."

When they finally arrived, paramedics transported her by stretcher in the pouring rain.

"We were like two minutes down the road and he just came flying out,” she said of her baby's arrival. 
For Caroline Hall, the drama didn't end at the hospital.
"I think the worst part was when they released us from the hospital on Monday — we had no power for five days," she said. 

One of the Texas moms, Irma Rodriguez, decided to name her baby after the hurricane that tore through her town. 

"One of the nurses said, "Hey it would be nice to name him Harvey?’ So, I said, 'You know what? I think that's a good idea," she recalled. 
The following mothers spoke to Inside Edition about giving birth during the hurricanes. 
Houston-Area Hurricane Harvey Moms:
1.    Jessica Coane, Baby Gabriella
2.    Kimberley Reyes, Baby Samara
3.    Ciara Davis Lee, Baby Landon
4.    Connie Sotelo, Baby Graeson Kane
5.    Angel Dean Pasadena, Baby Trinity
6.    Irma Rodriguez, Baby Harvey
7.    Wintana Harness, Baby Eden
Miami-Area Hurricane Irma Moms:
1.    Carrie Hernandez, Baby Christian Noah
2.    Tatyanna Watkins, Baby Destiny
3.    Eileen Cohen, Baby Nathan
4.    Lidia Muse, Baby Cruz
5.    Caroline Hall, Baby Maverick
6.    Yaritza Gonzalez, Baby Alexandria Sophia
7.    Cara Kesling, Baby Nayiri Storm
8.    Johanna Irigoyen, Baby Mateo
9.    Bianca Katia, Baby Brielle