Thanks to $325,000 Lottery Win, Couple Will Replace Home Lost in Hurricane Irma

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A couple who lost their home when Hurricane Irma pummeled the Virgin Islands had the tides turn in their favor when they hit the lottery in North Carolina. 

Patricia and Frank Raffa won $325,000 after buying a $1 Cash 5 Ticket at a store in Arden last week. 

They relocated to North Carolina to live with their daughter after their home was destroyed, and it seems the decision has paid off. 

"The first thing I saw was that someone hit the jackpot," Frank told North Carolina lottery officials. "I thought, 'Good for them.' When I saw that we were the ones who hit, I couldn’t believe it."

After taxes, the pair took home $229,121. 

They plan on getting a new home with the winnings and "picking up the pieces" of their life.


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