Woman Wins the Lottery 3 Times in a Month: 'I Never Believed Before'

Maryland Lottery
Maryland Lottery

Talk about luck!

Good things come in threes.

That was definitely the case for a Maryland woman who won the lottery three times in under a month.

Felicia Wade, 49, first won $60,000 on July 29 after she matched a series of Pick 4 combinations. 

"I was just feeling lucky. I just study the board and pick four numbers," Wade told Maryland Lottery officials.

On Aug. 17, she won $11,730 after betting 10 cents on a Racetrax virtual horse racing game. Two days later when playing the same game, she won $2,000.

Wade said she used to be skeptical about whether people ever won lottery games but she’s definitely certain now. 

"I never believed before," she said, "and then a clerk checked my ticket."

She plans to share the winnings with her son.