Michigan Woman Almost Threw Away $50,000 Lottery Ticket

Michigan Lottery
Michigan Lottery

She later learned of her prize.

What one Michigan woman thought was trash turned out to be treasure

Delaine Passucci, 47, won $50,000 from a lottery ticket she almost threw in the garbage after several failed attempts to check her winnings.

The machine malfunctioned when Passucci first checked the ticket, which she initially bought at a Kroger in Pinckney. Weeks later, she tried again and had the same issue.

"I was just about to toss it in the garbage, when I decided to have the clerk scan it for me,” Passucci said. “When she told me I'd have to go to the lottery office to claim my prize, I realized I'd won too much for the self-scanner to give me a prize amount.”

It turned out she had matched four winning numbers during a Powerball drawing. She finally received her $50,000 on Friday. 

She plans to donate money to her church and put some in her savings, reports said.