North Carolina Man Nabs $200,000 Lottery Win Just in Time to Take Wife on 50th Anniversary Trip

North Carolina Education Lottery
North Carolina Education Lottery

He plans to go on vacation with the money.

It went from losses to luck for a North Carolina man who decided to play the lottery after a bowling losing streak.

After multiple losses at a local lane with his senior bowling team, Henry Lipsey of Fayetteville stopped to purchase some lottery tickets and ended up winning $200,000.

"We didn't win our games, so I decided I might have better luck playing a scratch-off ticket,” Lipsey told North Carolina Education Lottery officials.

They were out of the tickets he wanted so he went with two Carolina Panther scratch-offs, a new lottery game, instead. It turned out to be a good decision. As he scanned his ticket, the machine read: “Go to lottery headquarters."

“I got a big smile on my face. I was a happy camper,” Lipsey said.

Lipsey brought home $141,000 after taxes.

He and his wife plan to use the money visit several Caribbean islands in celebration of their 50th anniversary.

“We've been married a long time ... I always say, 'Happy wife, happy life,” Lipsey said.