New York Couple Wins $5 Million Lottery Jackpot While Trying to Break $100 Bill

New York couple wins $5 million lottery.
William Williams and Michelle Concepcion claim their winnings.New York Lottery

The couple just needed to change for a $100 bill.

A New York man walked into a liquor store to get change and walked out a millionaire.

William Williams, 24, and Michelle Concepcion, 25, said they bought the $5 Million Fortune Lottery ticket for $20 so they could make change for a $100 bill. 

The Bronx residents made their purchase at C&N Liquor in their neighborhood.

"I needed to make change to buy some perfume," Williams said. "I chose the $5 Million Fortune ticket because I won $700 on it in the past," he told lottery officials.

When he scratched away at the ticket and saw the amount, he was dumbstruck. 

He "ran out and told Michelle immediately," he said. 

The couple wants to use the money to help a family member and to open their own motorcycle shop.