New York Woman Dreams Lottery Numbers, Wins $1 Million Prize


She dreamed the numbers years ago.

Winning the lottery was a dream come true for one New York woman — literally. 

This week, Mary Wilson, her husband, Gary Wilson, and their friends Gary and Pamela Tingley, collected a $1 million Cash4Life prize they won by matching the first five numbers from the June 28 drawing.

But their lucky story differs from others as Mary had a moment of precognition years ago.

"Mary was shown numbers in a dream years ago. Those are the numbers we've always played," Gary Wilson said. 

The ticket matched numbers 4-13-17-34-49, but missed the Cash Ball 1.

"We've been friends for years," Mary Wilson told lottery officials. "We all buy tickets and have always agreed to split the winnings."

Each of the four winners collected $168,039 after taxes, officials said.