Derek Chauvin Trial: George Floyd's Girlfriend Weeps During Testimony Recalling Memories of Their Relationship

"Can I pray with you?" George Floyd asked Courtney Ross when the two met at a homeless shelter where Floyd worked as a security guard and Ross was visiting her children's father.

Courtney Ross met George Floyd while she was visiting her children’s father, who was staying in a homeless shelter. Floyd, a security guard there, noticed she was upset and asked if he could pray with her.

“We had been through so much, my sons and I, and this kind person just to come up to me and say, 'Can I pray with you?’ when I felt alone in this lobby — it was so sweet at the time. I had lost a lot of faith in God,” Courtney Ross testified Thursday at the ongoing murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Ross wept during the testimony recalling her and Floyd’s relationship.

“We went out to eat a lot, because he loved to eat a lot. He's a big man, and it took a lot of energy to keep him going. And he loved food and so did I. It was fun. It was an adventure, always,” Ross said.

She also talked about his struggles with addiction and her horror at learning how he died.

The jury also saw dramatic video of the desperate efforts by paramedics to save Floyd’s life. It was the fourth day of the trial that has included heart-wrenching witness testimony from a 911 dispatcher, onlookers at the scene of Floyd’s arrest and a cashier who flagged his $20 bill as counterfeit.

At Cup Foods, the trial is being live streamed inside the store for customers — a gesture by the owners to acknowledge the tragedy that unfolded just a few feet away.