Designers Put On Fashion Show With All Dresses Made From Chocolate

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It was a sweet sight on the catwalk in Belgium, where all the designs were made from chocolate.

Thirteen delectable designs that were made partially or entirely of chocolate were showcased on the runway in Brussels on Thursday. 

One of the extravagant pieces to walk the runway, by designer Giovanni Biasiolo and chocolate maker Jean-Christophe Hubert, was made up of eight kilograms of chocolate. Hubert said they used steel and polystyrene for the structure of the dress, but the outfit was covered entirely in chocolate and cocoa powder.

A headdress made of chocolate also hit the stage.

The designers showcased their knowledge of the chocolate industry and sourced cocoa beans used in the designs from plantations.

Belgium has always been known for its chocolate and the showcase was just another instance of that.


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