Did Dick Cheney's Father-in-Law Drown His Wife? New Movie Hints at Possible Murder

The movie "Vice" appears to suggest that Edna Vincent was killed by her husband.

How did Edna Vincent die? If you believe the new movie "Vice," her husband, and former Vice President Dick Cheney's father-in-law, may have had something to do with it. 

The movie strongly suggests Wayne Vincent, Cheney’s father-in-law, drowned his wife in a pond following a nasty argument. But the moment is catching some heat from many right-wing outlets for being based on zero evidence. 

On a warm spring evening in May 1973, Edna went out walk her two dogs in Natrona County, Wyoming. When she didn't return home after more than an hour, Wayne went to look for her, he later told police. He discovered her car door open and the dogs running loose around the vehicle. There was no sign of his wife.

Her body was later found "floating face-down, approximately 30 feet out from the shoreline," according to a police report obtained by Inside Edition.

Authorities found "an empty clear plastic glass" at the pond's edge, and Edna's blood alcohol level was so high that it's possible she lost motor functions. It was ultimately ruled that she had drowned while under the influence of alcohol and no evidence of trauma was found, according to the coroner's report.

Nonetheless rumors have persisted in the years since that her death might be something more than accidental. Lynne Cheney, the couple's daughter, herself has questioned the circumstances surrounding her mother's death, writing in her 2007 autobiography: “She, who had worried since childhood about water, had drowned in the pond ... for years I wondered if she had somehow been the victim of foul play."

But authorities consulted by Inside Edition say it's highly unlikely that's the case. "I went to the movie, I found it very interesting,” Natrona County Undersheriff Mark Sellers said. “I believe that based off a number of reports, that is inaccurate."

Added coroner Connie Jacobson, "Reading through all of the reports, I find nothing amiss or indication of any foul play."

Lynne has since said that while she did initially have questions about her mother's death, she believes blood pressure medication she was taking made her dizzy, causing her to stumble into the pond.