Did Meghan Markle Violate Royal Protocol While Riding in the Queen's Train?

The pair traveled 200 miles overnight, from London to Cheshire, England.

As Meghan Markle made her first solo trip with Queen Elizabeth since her nuptials to Prince Harry last month, the duchess may have broken royal protocol on the historic appearance. 

The duchess and the queen rode in a luxurious train overnight from London to Cheshire Wednesday night, arriving in the small Northern English town Thursday morning. 

The pair may have deviated from royal tradition, as only the top four members of the royal family — Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Camilla — have typically been the only ones allowed to ride the train in the past.

It seems, however, that Britain’s longest serving monarch is more than willing to bend the rules, especially when it comes to Markle. 

And by not wearing a headpiece, which is typical of royalty when appearing with the queen, she may have broken royal protocol. 

Upon arrival in Cheshire, they were given an enthusiastic greeting from locals. 

The duchess wore a light beige pencil dress that hit just below the knee. Her shoulders were covered with an elegant caplet in the custom-made Givenchy outfit. 

Givenchy is the same designer who designed her wedding dress

Dangling from her ears were pearl and diamond earrings, a gift from the queen.
The queen and the duchess were in the town to open a new theater, cinema and library space. 

As Meghan spoke to the crowds, she was overheard talking about her husband, saying, "Harry is the best husband ever.”