Did Pilot Record Selfie Video After Crash as Part of a Stunt?

Questions are being raised about whether the incredible video was staged.

Questions are being raised about whether video of a pilot and his female passenger who crash-landed in the ocean off San Francisco was all a stunt. 

The pilot, David Lesh, owns a sportswear company based in Colorado.

Promotional videos for the company show 34-year-old Lesh doing dangerous stunts featuring fast cars and wild escapades in an effort to showcase a bad-boy image he has carefully cultivated to promote his clothing line. 

In 2014, he was charged with arson for during a stunt and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of criminal mischief. 

He was also cited for harassing a bull moose in another video. 

Now some believe the plane crash was just another risky stunt. 

“Remarkably calm, considering the circumstances!” tweeted one skeptic. 

Lesh spoke to Inside Edition about the questions swirling around the video.

"If you use an ounce of your brainpower and look at the situation, it is pretty obvious that I did not crash my brand-new airplane into the very cold Pacific Ocean miles off shore with no life preserver," he said. "I value my life and my passenger's life significantly and I have no interest in doing a stunt to gain 2,000 Instagram followers." 

The NTSB and FAA will investigate but only if the plane can be recovered.