Diners Climb on Tables and Chairs as Pennsylvania Restaurant Is Inundated by Flash Flood

Shocking video shows the customers rushing to higher ground as the water rushed in.

As flash floods brought havoc to the streets of Pittsburgh Wednesday night, a chaotic situation unfolded in an area restaurant as desperate patrons scrambled to safety.

It happened at the Trolley Stop Inn, where customers were seen climbing on chairs and tables trying to stay safe as an estimated three to six feet of water came rushing in. 

Nikki Cialone recorded video of the ordeal, and said it was complete chaos.

"The glass doors broke and all the water shot in all of a sudden," she told Inside Edition. “That was probably the scariest part because it all started piling in all at once. It all happened so quickly we were all like crying, freaking out, it was hard not to panic."

 They were trapped for more than an hour.

"The water came above the tables then my feet got wet," she said. "We were not expecting it at all." 

The municipality had declared a state of emergency during the flash flooding as water levels continued to rise. It got so bad that cars were seen floating down the street.

The flash flooding intensified after 9 p.m. as a series of storms swept through Western Pennsylvania. 

Authorities say they made 66 rescues during the flood, but one person was found dead.