Ellicott City Flooding: Couple's Anniversary Celebration Interrupted by Raging Floodwaters

Meg and Chris Smith were celebrating 18 Years of marriage at a Maryland restaurant when it was engulfed by treacherous flash floods.

A Maryland couple was forced to abandon their 18th wedding anniversary celebration as a massive flash flood nearly swallowed their town. 

It was grim scene as flash floods engulfed a restaurant in Ellicott City, Md., where Meg and Chris Smith had been celebrating 18 years of marriage over the weekend. 

There was water coming through the windows of the restaurant and the basement looked more like an indoor pool than a storage area. 

Cars in the street were lifted and pushed by the rushing water, knocking over signs and causing additional hardship outside. 

She posted videos on her Facebook page, because "I figured it made sense to put some videos online for people to see how horrific it really was," she told Inside Edition.

“To see it up close and personal, you get a new appreciation for the power that Mother Nature has,” her husband added. 

The couple and other customers were eventually forced to flee.

"It was shocking to me, the debris and the amount of water," she added. 

At another venue in the town, a wedding was taking place when the flash flood began.

The bridal party had to evacuate their wedding venue because water was cascading down the staircase. One of the groomsmen posed in the street, his clothes soaked and his pant legs rolled up.

It's the second time in two years that Ellicott City, located outside Baltimore, has been hit by supposedly "once-in-a-thousand-year floods."

The body of a national guardsman, who was missing after getting swept away by the rushing water, was found Tuesday.