Disney World's New Animatronic Trump Ridiculed for Its Loose Resemblance to the President

Some are saying that the robot looks more like actor Jon Voight or even Hillary Clinton than the commander in chief.

The Donald Trump robot has been unveiled at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom inside the long-running “Hall of Presidents” attraction — but it hasn't come without some controversy. 

The robot made its debut on Monday. From a distance, it appears to have the 45th president's mannerisms and hand gestures down, but upon closer inspection, there appears to be little resemblance.

Disney says they used the 'latest technology' to enable "more lifelike" movements and the president actually recorded the dialogue.

Some say “RoboTrump” looks more like actor Jon Voight or the late Lloyd Bridges. There is also a contingent of people who believe it looks like Chucky from the Child’s Play films. 

Someone even thinks it looks like a cross between Trump and Hillary Clinton. 

“It kind of looks like they were already making a Hillary then heard the news and had to change it to a Trump,” the comment said. 

Meanwhile, the real president is raising eyebrows again with the unusual way he drinks water.

During his national security speech on Monday, he used both hands to raise a glass to his lips, holding it in the same way he clutched a bottle of water last month.

Doctors Inside Edition spoke to dismissed the social media speculation that it's not a health concern.