Divine Intervention? 150-Year-Old Bible Survives Church Fire Unscathed

A Worshiper Reads the Holy Bible.

It was reportedly the second time the Bible in question had survived a fire.

A church in Wisconsin was destroyed by a fire this week but what has surprised many congregants and locals alike is that a 150-year-old Bible survived the blaze. 

The Springs United Methodist Church in Plover went up in flames Monday, completely destroying it. As officials sifted through debris after the fire was put out, they discovered the Bible in perfect condition. 

It is currently unclear as to how the fire started. 

On Tuesday, congregants gathered outside to say goodbye to the beloved church, which will be demolished as a result of the blaze. The Bible was placed on a stand around which the congregants formed a circle and prayed.

"I think this is really something special, truly a work of God," Pastor Tim O'Brien told CBS affiliate WSAW.

This week’s inferno wasn’t the first time that specific Bible survived a blaze. It was also inside the St. Paul’s Church in Stevens Point when that building caught fire in the 1950s and was found unscathed, according to reports.