Doctor Prescribes Wary Grandmother a Hug From Grandkids After Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19

“You are allowed to hug your granddaughter,” the doctor wrote.

It’s been a lonely year for grandmother Evelyn Shaw. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, she hasn’t been able to hug the people she loves most in the world: her daughter and beloved grandkids.

“It was very hard knowing that she was all alone in her apartment, day in and day out. Never seeing anyone, never hugging anyone, never touching anyone,” Shaw’s oldest grandchild, Ataret, told Inside Edition.

Both grandmother and granddaughter were recently vaccinated, but Ataret mentioned to her doctor that her grandma was still afraid.

“I said, ‘She’s never going to hug me. She’s too nervous. She’s never going to hug me,’ and she says, ‘Well, I am going to write her a prescription that says that she can hug you,’ and I said, ‘Literally, that might be the only thing that makes her do it,’” Ataret said.

“You are allowed to hug your granddaughter,” the doctor wrote.

With prescription in hand, they proceeded to grandma’s house in the Bronx — the moment they’ve been dreaming about.

“It was, as Ataret said, a permission slip, that I can finally do this without fear,” Shaw said tearfully.