COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Angels’ Help Florida Seniors Book Vaccination Appointments

A Florida couple is helping seniors navigate the process of booking a vaccine appointment.

If you've tried to book a COVID-19 vaccine, you know how complicated the process is. And if it’s frustrated you, imagine what it's like for a senior who's perhaps not adept with a computer.

A Florida couple created a Facebook group to help address the problem, and were flooded with messages from senior citizens asking for direct help. Nurse Katherine Quirk and her fiance, elementary school principal Russ Schwartz, then enlisted an army of volunteers and started booking appointments for the seniors who had trouble navigating the online process.

“We get these phone calls where they just start by saying thank you and they start crying,” Quirk told Inside Edition.

Thanks to the couple, 72-year-old Nadina Laspina, was able to book an appointment and just got her first shot.

“For me the real miracle was getting this appointment,” Laspina said. “It was Russ and Katherine that got me the appointment and I am so very grateful.”