Seattle Man Who Allegedly Gave 30 People Homemade COVID-19 Vaccine Now Faces Unrelated Federal Charges

John Stine is facing federal charges for trying to sell an “untested, untried and potentially unsafe” substance, according to the Justice Department. They come a year after an unrelated lawsuit alleged Stine injected 30 people with a homemade vaccine.

A Seattle man who claimed to have cooked up a COVID-19 vaccine months before Pfizer or Moderna is facing federal charges. John Stine, 55, built the lab with equipment he bought on eBay.

Stine injected himself and 30 others with the vaccine, according to Washington State officials. He is now facing unrelated federal charges of trying to sell an “untested, untried and potentially unsafe” substance, charging up to $1,000 per injection, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

"Johnny Stine is a scammer who is willing to jeopardize the health of Washingtonians and people all across this country simply to make a buck. It's as simple as that,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson told Inside Edition.

Last year, Stine, without admitting liability, agreed to repay around 30 people who authorities say he treated with the fake vaccine. He was permanently barred from marketing vaccines without testing and evidence, according to the Washington Attorney General's Office. The federal government says Stine did not fully comply with the order and claims that he tried to sell an untested COVID-19 vaccine.

Meanwhile, one of President Joe Biden’s top pandemic advisors is forecasting a “hurricane” of deaths from the COVID-19 variants now sweeping the world. Infectious disease expert Dr. Michael Osterholm says the vaccine should not be held back for second doses.

“In advance of this surge, we need to get as many one doses in as many people over 65 as we possibly can to reduce the serious illness and deaths that are going to occur over the weeks ahead,” Osterholm said in a recent interview.