Does This Image Show Jesus Christ Rising From the Flames of Notre Dame?

The historic cathedral will be closed for at least five years as it undergoes repairs from the devastating fire.

Do you see Jesus Christ amid the flames ravaging Notre Dame?

The image above, captured Monday as the historic cathedral burned, is sending social media into overdrive after a woman from Scotland suggested she could see the outline of Christ in the fire.

Soon, people all over the world were studying the picture and drawing inspiration amid the tragedy. 

Notre Dame will be closed for at least five years while the building is restored following the devastating fire. But some experts have suggested it could really take up to 40 years to completely finish the work. 

The cathedral's roof, which was totally gutted, was built from 3,000 ancient oak trees, which will be tricky to find in Europe today.

Also needed? Workers skilled in the art of stone masonry and glaziers who can restore the distinctive stained-glass windows.