Does Jeffrey Epstein Have Secret Children to Inherit His Millions?

A DNA company has launched a search for any biological children of the late sex offender.

Does Jeffrey Epstein have a secret son or daughter to inherit his vast fortune?

That's the question a DNA company is trying to answer. 

Morse Genealogical Services sent out a call looking for the "unknown children of late Jeffrey Epstein" or anyone who believes they gave birth to a child fathered by the convicted sex offender.

Epstein was never married. He did have a younger brother, as well as a niece and nephew. In many cases, depending on the deceased person's will, relatives would inherit everything. But Morse's search could change all that in Epstein's case, assuming someone comes forward and establishes a blood relation.

Meanwhile, attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents several of Epstein's alleged victims, said his estate should be frozen so that all his alleged victims can come forward with claims. 

"I would call on his beneficiaries to do the right thing. ... He did so much wrong in his life. In death, let's show some respect to the victims," she said.