Dog Dies Saving Family From Neighbor Who Opened Fire at Texas Home: Report

Zero lost his life protecting his family.

A special family dog gave his life trying to protect his family when a neighbor allegedly came to their home with a gun in Texas.

The neighbor reportedly showed up to Laura Martinez’s Houston home on March 10 with a gun, according to authorities. 

He allegedly shot three people at the party, but Martinez said the only reason things didn't end as bad as they could have is because of the heroics of the family dog, Zero. 

“My son Taylor was hit in the ankle…. My dog Zero, jumped up and bit [the neighbor], he shot Zero, my dog fell and [the person] then fired 3 more shots, 2 hit my daughter Valori,” Martinez wrote. “Zero then jumped again and knocked [the neighbor] down, he shot Zero 2 more times before he fell again.”

Martinez sadly explained that Zero could not be saved after the shooting and had to be put down. 

While the Martinez family was originally raising money for their injuries and Zero’s vet bill, they later said an anonymous donor paid the bill. 

“Whoever you are, I cried because of your kindness, thank you,” Martinez wrote.

The alleged gunman, 16, has since been arrested. 

The GoFundMe for the family's medical bills has raised $2,000 of its $40,000 goal.


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