Dog 'Miraculously Mostly Unharmed' After Falling 70 Feet From Texas Cliff

Stout seemed unharmed from the 70 foot fall off a cliff.
Stout seemed unharmed from the 70 foot fall off a cliff.Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services

Stout's good health was all thanks to an emergency responder who was having lunch nearby.

A dog survived a 70-foot fall off a Texas cliff, thanks to an emergency responder, who just so happened to be having lunch nearby. Stout, the dog that had been wandering off-leash, seemed delighted to be reunited with his owner after the terrifying ordeal.

Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services Capt. R. Luddy had been having lunch near the Pennypacker Bridge in Austin. He had been in uniform and waiting for other members of his special operations rescue team to do a rope training, according to a statement on the organization’s Facebook page.

That’s when a group of concerned people approached him, alerting him to the poor, adventurous dog that had fallen off the cliff.

“I grabbed my med bag and ropes, and started running towards the scene,” Luddy explained, adding that he also alerted his team as he sprang into action.

When he got to the top of the cliff, he came across Stout’s owner repeatedly calling to his dog with no response. “He must have fallen about 70 feet, and hit a few branches and bushes on the way down,” Luddy said.

He was able to use his equipment on hand and fashion a rappel in order to lower himself down to reach the dog, which was “miraculously, mostly unharmed,” the organization said. Then, Luddy fashioned a leash out of rescue ropes to walk Stout to his owner, who later took Stout to an emergency veterinarian to make sure he was in tip top shape.

“I was ecstatic to find him in such good condition,” Luddy said.