Dog Rescued From Texas Lake Finds Loving Forever Home After Facebook Post

The dog was treading water when it was rescued by a couple who posted about the ordeal on Facebook. One of their friends saw it and ended up adopting the pup.

A dog rescued from a lake by a Houston couple has found his forever home. When Rebecca Champ spotted the struggling pup in the middle of the lake, she and her husband Quenton sprang into action.

"I told my husband, we have to go and rescue this dog. It's in the middle of the lake," Rebecca told Inside Edition.

They jumped into their boat and headed out towards the animal. When the dog swam away, Quenton stripped down to boxers and dove into to rescue the lab mix puppy himself. They named him Freddie and posted about the incident on social media.

One of the couple's friends, John Hall, saw the post, and he and his wife Demetria ended up adopting the dog.

"I felt so sorry for that dog. I knew we could give him a good home," Demetria told Inside Edition. 

It was love at first sight — and now Freddie has a forever home thanks for the heroic efforts of one family and the kindness of another.