This 190-Pound Dog Was Totally Chill as Rescuers Carried Him Down a Mountain

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A 190-pound dog was super chill as he was carried down a Utah mountain. 

Floyd, a mastiff, decided he was absolutely done while hiking the Grandeur Peak Trail near Salt Lake City. His owner, who hasn’t been identified, was planning to spend the night on the mountain because Floyd was so exhausted, but kind bystanders informed police about the pair. 

“Our team assembled just like any regular rescue and we went up to the patient, which was about 2 miles up the trail,” said Shawn Kenney, a squad leader for the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team. “The owner was quite surprised to see us.” 

Kenney said Floyd had been hiking several miles, and he and his owner had gone off on a side trail. Floyd eventually became exhausted and gave up on the hike.

“He had some cuts on his paws,” Kenney told “We ended up loading up the dog into our litter. Floyd ended up being a great patient and just staying in the litter and seemed to be very happy and grateful to be carried down.”

Video of Floyd being carried by several team members shows the big dog looking just as calm as can be. 

“He was just a great dog,” Kenney added. 

As soon as they got Floyd down the mountain, Kenney said the 3-year-old pup happily got into his owner’s truck.

“I think he was just ready to go home…. He was done,” he said. 


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