Dog Survives Falling 6 Stories Off Apartment Building Roof

The little bulldog crashed through a car sunroof and walked away with only a few cuts and bruises.

This little bulldog stuck his landing.

Winston recently fell off the roof of a six-story building in New York City — and lived to bark about the tale.

Winston and owner Emma Heinrich had just returned from their nightly walk when Heinrich removed his leash in the building stairwell, like she usually does.

"And he, for the first time ever, decided to go past our door and bolted all the way up the couple flights of stairs," Heinrich told Inside Edition.

The dog ran all the way up to the roof, where it was very dark.

"There was no way that he knew that was a ledge or that he would have fallen. I just saw him tumble over," Heinrich recalled.

Winston plunged the six stories down, crashing through the sunroof of a car on the street. Surveillance video shows Heinrich frantically running to save her pet.

"I get down there and there's a huge crowd surrounding the car. I kind of part of the sea of people and I see him just sitting up in the front seat looking around, like, not sure what just happened," Heinrich said.

Turns out, cats aren't the only ones with nine lives. Winston walked away with only minor cuts and bruises.