Veteran and His Dog Bond Over Their Shared Differences

They're healing together.

A veteran who lost his leg is healing alongside his disabled dog.

Joshua Ferguson, who lives in Tennessee, and his dog, Scooter, have quite a special bond. Ferguson lost his leg when a bomb hit his truck while he was serving in Iraq during the Gulf War.

“We survived, here we are, and I say we because all 5 of us out of the truck lived which is pretty rare with that type of IED,” Ferguson told WTVF. 

Scooter is a constant reminder to him to stop and smell the roses. The pup was found abandoned by a creek with part of his leg missing and doctors had to amputate it. 

Ferguson knew when he found Scooter on Humane Society of Dickson County's Facebook page that he wanted to meet him. Now, they’re inseparable and spend their days playing, doing yoga and going to the park. 

"It's impossible to not smile around him,” Ferguson said of Scooter. "He makes it easier for me to remember, hey it's still a beautiful day."