Man Struck by Lightning While Walking Dogs Is Reunited With His German Shepherds

The dogs took off running when their owner was hit.

The Texas man who was recently struck by lightning while walking his dogs is finally back with his animals after they ran off in the chaos

Alex Coreas, 27, was walking his dogs last week near Houston when he was struck by lightning. His dogs ran off in fright. 

The lightning bolt hit him right in the foot. Good Samaritans ran to his side, and one performed CPR to save his life. 

“I had to see the video to know what happened to me,” he told Inside Edition. “The next day when I saw it, I was like, ‘Wow, this is crazy.’”

He suffered severe burns, saying, “The bolt came out the top of my head here and I lost my hearing. I need to have an operation on my ear.” 

The lightning strike even blew off his shoes and socks.

As for his German shepherds that took off after he got hit, they were found wandering nearby. They were reunited with their master after he was released from the hospital.  

“When I was getting out of the hospital all I could think about was seeing the dogs,” he said.