Dog Shot in the Head And Left For Dead Makes Miraculous Recovery

North Woods Animal Shelter
North Woods Animal Shelter

The bullet missed his vital organs.

A dog was shot in the head and left for dead on a cold night in January, but now he’s making a miraculous recovery.

Sarge is around a 1-year-old, and was found lying in the middle of rural road in Iron County, WI., on Jan. 11, with a gunshot wound to the head, a broken leg, and suffering from hypothermia.

The man who initially found Sarge thought he was dead but when he pulled over, Sarge popped his head up, and the man immediately called authorities.

“He is incredibly lucky to be alive,” said Sarah Erickson, the manager at North Woods Animal Shelter where the canine is healing. “He definitely has the will to live.”

The bullet that entered Sarge’s head is now lodged between his spine and chest but thankfully, it missed all of his vital organs. The pup had surgery to fix his broken leg on Friday, but for now, the bullet will stay in place.

Erickson said she’s amazed at how friendly the canine is in spite of what he’s been through.

Michigan State Police are investigating who may have harmed Sarge. A bullet casing was found at the scene where the pup was abandoned as well as tire tracks, according to reports.

“It’s hard to know why someone would do something like this to such a nice dog,” Erickson said.

Sarge has at least six weeks of recovery ahead of him, but many have already inquired about adopting the courageous canine.