Doggface to Sell Now-Famous TikTock Video as NFT, Fleetwood Mac Tune Not Included

skateboard guy
Nathan Apodaca

The viral video propelled Doggface to stardom and even met Fleetwood Mac in the process.

One of the breakout stars of 2020’s TikTok craze, Nathan Apodaca, better known as “Doggface,” is selling his infamous social media video of him drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice and singing Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” as an NFT, according to Complex.

The video, however, will not feature the classic Fleetwood Mac tune due to music rights and the Ocean Spray logo will be blurred out for copyright protection. What the buyer will receive is the vid of Doggface on the board, mouthing the words of the unheard song, Complex explained.

The news of Apodaca’s sale of the viral video came as TMZ discovered that he will put it up as an NFT via the Rarible market site Friday, with the bidding set to start at a minimum of $500,000.

Apodaca is planning to use the money to buy his parents a new home, TMZ reported, and his manager confirmed to Complex that what he earns will also be used to make a new event center in his hometown of Idaho Falls.

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique digital product that cannot be replaced or duplicated and belongs to a high level of cryptocurrency. Think of it as fine-art collecting, like a rare painting but only for digital content, according to The Verge.

Apodaca went viral in September for the chill video of him skateboarding to the Mac classic while drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice. He said he decided to shoot the video when his car battery died and he had to ride his skateboard to work instead. At the time, he was living in a trailer with no electricity or running water, the Los Angeles Times reported.

After the video, Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood joined TikTok and paid homage to Apodaca’s video. Stevie Nicks and former Mac member Lindsey Buckingham did the same. TikTok then put Apodaca’s and Fleetwood’s videos in a commercial, which ran on television.

Apodaca also received $15,000 from online donations. Ocean Spray and a local Idaho car dealership gifted him with a cranberry-red truck as well.