Dogs Try to Stop Dad From Throwing Out Christmas Tree

The dogs apparently saw the tree as a giant stick to play fetch.

It was a tug of war between a man and his two German Shepherds as he tried to throw out his family's Christmas tree.

The dogs were simply not having it, and David Graham of Arkansas was caught on camera by his wife as he struggled to toss the tree over a backyard fence.

He told Inside Edition that the dogs are playful and he knew all along that taking the tree out would be difficult. 

“I had to go through it a couple times in the past, so I knew what was coming,” he said. “It was a legitimate struggle but I was having as much fun as they were. I was exhausted after, but they are my dogs, I like to go out there and have fun with them, wrestle with them, get silly with them.” 

He said he had an idea his wife was watching and is always tries to make her laugh, but as he tried to pull the tree away from his dogs, he lost his footing and fell — and the tree came down on top of him.  

“They see it as a big giant stick to play fetch with,” he said. “We have a couple of Christmas trees back there that still have the bite marks on them. They are not destructive.” 

He added that when the family sets up their tree for Christmas, the dogs are kept in another room.