Donald Trump Jr. Gets 'Interviewed' by Chocolate Bunny at Pennsylvania Candy Factory

Donald Trump Jr. speaks to chocolate bunny.
Donald Trump Jr. was out on the campaign trail Tuesday. Getty

The president's son is burning up the internet, thanks to a viral photo that seems to show him being interviewed by a chocolate bunny.

Donald Trump Jr. wasn't really talking to an inanimate object. It just looked like he was.

On Monday, Donald Trump's eldest son was in Pennsylvania, campaigning for a Republican seeking an empty House of Representatives seat. While stumping at a candy factory, Trump was interviewed by a reporter.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette photographer Andrew Rush snapped an image at an angle that made it look like the edible Easter bunny was holding a microphone under Trump's chin.

Rush posted the photo on Twitter, where it promptly became an internet sensation.

The first son joined in, writing on social media, "The chocolate rabbit gave a hard-hitting interview and was delicious afterwards."

Many of the comments posted online took aim at Trump's June 2016 meeting with a Russian attorney, where the president's son was reportedly promised "dirt" on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Other posters just cracked wise.

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