Drake Stops Concert to Call Out and Threaten Fan He Saw Groping Woman

The rapper is one of several performers seen scolding fans who exhibit inappropriate behavior at recent concerts.

Drake brought a concert to a standstill in Australia after catching a male fan groping a young woman in the audience. 

“If you don't stop touching girls I’m going to come over there and f*** you up,” he said during the concert in Sydney Wednesday night. “If you don’t stop putting your hands on girls I’m going to come out there and f*** your a** up.”

Drake isn't the only performer coming down hard on gropers, as Sam Carter of the band Architects stopped his show to angrily call out a fan recently. 

General admission areas of concerts are notorious for inappropriate activity and are often the scene of violent incidents and groping.

"You got the darkness, you got the crowd, you have that pack mentality," security expert Steve Kardian told Inside Edition. 

And it's not just the fans who are being groped, as a fan can be seen reaching for singer Harry Styles’ crotch at a Hollywood concert last month. The former One Direction member can be seen in a video of the incident quickly backing away. 

Tim McGraw was the subject of similar conduct in 2014, but he was bailed out by his wife, Faith Hill, who yelled at the fan and was warned not to touch her husband.