Dramatic Dash Cam Video Shows Vehicle Barreling Down Ohio Highway

out of control car

The woman behind the vehicle said her cruise control stopped working properly.

Dramatic dash cam footage in Ohio shows state police desperately trying to get to an SUV as it barrels down the highway. The woman behind the wheel, Emma Fulk, was driving from North Carolina to Ohio when she said the ability to cancel cruise control stopped working.

"I had used the cruise control I don't know how many times," Fulk told Inside Edition.

Fulk said the cruise control on her 2017 Dodge Journey was set at 73 mph as she drove down the highway. As another vehicle pulled in front of her, that's when she says everything went wrong. She says her brakes stopped working, and that even though she canceled cruise control, her vehicle kept accelerating. 

With her hazard lights flashing, her speed topped over 90 mph, and she came close to hitting a jeep. 

"The only thought that was going through my head — am I ever going to see my kids again?" Fulk said. "Am I ever going to come out of this? Is this car ever going to stop?"

Becky Canavan, a 911 operator, calmly guided Fulk through the situation.

"Emma, this is Becky. Take a hold of your emergency brake and gradually pull that a little bit and see if it slows you down at all," she can be heard saying on the call.

That worked, and it slowed the car down a bit. 

"I was so thankful that it worked out and this young lady was safe," Canavan told Inside Edition. 

A spokesperson for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles told Inside Edition, "We're glad no one was hurt and that the e-brake was able to bring the vehicle to a safe stop. Based on the information available, the vehicle has no open recalls. But it has not been diagnosed. Further inspection is required to comment on the nature of this incident."

Today, Fulk is back home with her two kids and family, but says she is now scared to get behind the wheel.

"I am terrified to drive," she said. "I will not drive for a long while."