Drew Barrymore Hopes New Daytime Talk Show Will Be Source of Fun to Lighten the Mood

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Drew Barrymore is tackling her toughest role yet — daytime talk show host. "I am an imperfect person and I want that imperfection everywhere," she said in an interview.

The Hollywood starlet is getting set to launch "The Drew Barrymore Show" and she hopes it will lighten the mood in these troubled times.

"There will be a lot of comedy, and variety and playfulness in the news. There will be some good news. There will be stuff I find really interesting," Barrymore said. 

Barrymore has been famous since she was 6 years old. And she's getting praised for her clever use of her legendary 1982 "Tonight Show" appearance in a promo for the new show, making it appear as though she was interviewing her younger self. 

"What was so enchanting to me is that my daughters actually stood in for the 6, 7-year-old me," Barrymore said. "It was a real—this is your life moment. And if that is my life, I couldn't be more grateful. I'm exactly where I am supposed to be."


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