Dropping Chocolate Consumption Is Causing Cocoa Farmers in Africa to Struggle

Would you believe people are eating less chocolate?

Would you believe people are eating less chocolate? The trend has been causing trouble for cocoa farmers in Africa. 

The Ivory Coast is one of the largest producers of cocoa in the world, but stacks of unsold beans show their declining sales. It’s estimated that 100,000 tons of cocoa is just sitting around waiting to be sold, but buyers in the U.S. and Europe have delayed their usual deliveries.

Farmers say their communities are feeling the pinch.  

“It has had a negative impact. The day before yesterday I saw children in the streets because their parents did not find buyers for their cocoa so they did not have money to send their children to school,” chocolate trader Alfred Yao told Reuters.

Some farmers have reportedly been trying to smuggle their product into neighboring Ghana to make whatever money they can. However, farmers are expecting an abundant spring crop after favorable weather recently.