People Try Eating the World's Spiciest Chocolate Bar to Support Cancer Research

For every bar purchased, the company will donate $5 to prostate cancer research. 

A new challenge has participants eating spicy chocolate.

The Choco Challenge is being put together by the Fuego Box with what's advertised as the world’s spiciest mini chocolate bar. For every bar purchased, the company will donate $5 to prostate cancer research. 

“It was 110 percent the hottest thing I’ve ever ate!” Ashley Myers, who participated in the challenge, told “So much to where I could feel the heat going all the way down into my stomach. It was shaking for a while after because of it.

"It’s definitely not for the faint of heart!” she added.

Others who tried it said the chocolate bar was so hot that it threw off their digestive systems for a full 24 hours. 

“The chocolate taste was good, but the heat from the pepper was beyond what we thought it would be and took over any possible good flavor,” Ava Petruso said. “I think your endorphins kick in to try and 'protect' and get rid of the heat. We were completely exhausted after it subsided about 45 minutes later.”

Petruso said no one could pay her to try the challenge for a second time but added there are men in her life that she loves dearly so she wanted to support prostrate cancer research. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men, apart from skin cancer. 

“It was exciting to support such an important cause and really great to see so many people’s response,” Petruso said.

Dr. Bridget Dowd, gastroenterology and pediatric expert, advised that anyone with an esophagus or stomach condition avoid the challenge but said that if you must take part, make sure to have milk handy.

"Dairy and bread products can help to decrease the burning sensation," Dowd told Inside Edition.

Asked about the challenge, McAdams said in a statement: "Everyone's different when it comes to capsaicin (the spicy stuff inside of peppers). My wife had zero ill effects other than a very warm mouth. Whereas Teddy in our office had a rough time. I personally had a rough 10 minutes!

"It's all temporary but we still recommend people do what's right for them," the statement continued. "You can eat a tiny bite and still support the cause (and get entered in the giveaway for a free year of hot sauce). Some people split a bar between 2 or 4 people. In general, we tell people to eat at their own risk ... 'you must be loco to consume this cocoa.'"