New '4% Challenge' Hopes to Make Hollywood More Diverse

New '4% Challenge' Hopes to Make Hollywood More Diverse
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A new challenge is here — this time, hoping to produce long-term results.

A new challenge is here — this time, hoping to produce long-term results.

At the Sundance Film Festival, Dr. Stacy L. Smith from USC Annenberg’s Inclusion Initiative announced the "4% Challenge." The think tank studies diversity and inclusion in the entertainment field.

“Because only 4% of the top 100 studio films over the last DECADE have been directed by women, #TIMESUP is initiating a challenge, the 4% challenge, and I intend to take it: I commit to working with a female director in the next 18 months,” Time’s Up tweeted.

Of the 1,200 top-earning films released between 2007-2018, only 4 percent were directed by women, according to Smith.

On the spot, actress Tessa Thompson announced she’d participate.

Following up, Thompson herself tweeted, “I also committed to Doubling the number of women and POC journalist covering the films I have coming out this year. (One in April and in June). TimesUpx2.”

Others quickly chimed in.

Oscar winner Jordan Peele responded, “You know I’m in!!!!”

In a video taken during Sundance, actors Zazie Beetz and Armie Hammer also said they will support the initiative.

Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon and Olivia Wilde threw their hats into the ring as well.

Thompson, along with many of those who have vowed to support the 4% Challenge, was a part of the initial Time’s Up initiative, where hundreds of Hollywood’s elite united to fight against sexual harassment in the workplace. It was formed just as the #MeToo movement began gaining traction.