The Eagles Are Going to Win the Super Bowl, According to Fiona the Hippo

However, some lions and orangutans at other zoos appear to disagree.

The Philadelphia Eagles are a shoo-in to take home this year's Vince Lombardi Trophy — just ask Fiona the Hippo.

When the lovable baby hippo was presented with two boxes — one with the Philadelphia Eagles logo and the other with the New England Patriots’ logo — she didn’t even hesitate, swimming right up to the green box with the Eagles logo.

The Cincinnati Zoo gave her another shot to predict the outcome of the game when they presented her with the boxes again, this time on land, with a fresh head of lettuce atop each box.

Keepers were nervous as she sauntered up to the Patriots’ box, but Fiona the Hippo stuck with her original prediction, and began chomping on the lettuce corresponding to the Eagles’ box.

Le Le, a giant panda at the Memphis Zoo, confirmed Fiona’s predictions when he grabbed at the Eagles’ flag as keepers presented him with the two options.

However, lionesses Jasiri and her 10-month-old niece Bahati at the Dallas Zoo disagreed, and both placed their bets on the New England Patriots when presented with two cakes made of ice and meat.

Bahati’s mother, Lina, even tried to drag away the cake depicting the Eagles’ colors.

Acara, a Bornean orangutan at Utah’s Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, seemed to agree with the lions.

She was presented with two papier-mache helmets depicting the two team’s logos, and clearly put her money on the New England Patriots.

But it's worth noting that Acara incorrectly predicted an Atlanta Falcons’ win last year.

However, her dad Eli, a Bornean orangutan that died in 2014, had a reputation of accurately foreseeing which team would win the Super Bowl in years' past.