Is the Egg Sitter Cushion as Effective as It Looks on TV? Inside Edition Puts It to the Test

The Egg Sitter is supposedly so comfortable that TV ads show people sitting on an egg that doesn't break.

You may have seen the over-the-top commercial for a cushion called the Egg Sitter, a product that is supposedly so comfortable that you can sit on an egg and it won't break. 

Over and over, in the commercial, you see people sitting on an egg placed on the cushion and it never breaks.

Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero went to Brey’s Egg Farm in upstate New York to test the cushion. 

The farmer’s daughter, Vanessa Brey, was the first to sit on the egg.

At 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighing 105 pounds, Vanessa said sitting on the cushion felt just like she was sitting on an egg.   

You would think the egg should break, but when she got up, the egg was unbroken. 

The next person to test the cushion was model Krystina Fernicola. While she's appeared in her fair share of fashion shoots, she's never sat on an egg.

Just like Vanessa, the 125-pound, 5-foot-8-inch model didn’t crack the egg. 

“I really didn't feel anything," she said. "That's crazy." 

Inside Edition took the challenge to a whole new level as we enlisted the help of professional wrestler Brian Milonas.

At 6-foot-4 and 400 pounds, it appears that no egg would stand a chance. 

“I was born ready to squash things, Lisa," Milonas bellowed. "I hope you don't hold an emotional attachment to this egg."

As he dropped down with full force, he thought he had broken the egg. However, it did not smash. 

When Milonas claimed the egg must be hard-boiled, Guerrero broke it on his head, covering them both in yolk.

There was one more test. In the commercial when a large bowl is pressed down on an egg sitting on the cushion, it doesn’t break, but when we did it, the egg breaks instantly — nothing like the commercial.

So in three out of four tests, the Egg Sitter ended with just one broken egg, showing that the product works mostly like it does in the commercial.