The Elderly Couples Who Taught Us About Love in 2017

Love can happen at any age, as these couples show.

Through thick and through thin, in sickness and in health, these senior couples showed the world the true meaning of love, earning them spots among the stars of 2017.

Arlene Sherman, 64, and Harvey Goldman, 70, showed the world that you're never too old to enjoy a good Disney story. 
When they tied the knot in August after 10 years of dating, they made it a Beauty and the Beast-themed affair because they wanted a celebration their grandkids would love. It resulted in a party where anyone would love to be their guest.

For this Japanese couple, it is all about staying in style as they age. 

They've been married for nearly 40 years and their outfits, which they coordinate every day, turn heads wherever they go. Their style and obvious adoration for each other has also gotten them a huge Instagram audience.

And one man was not about to let his dementia keep him from romancing his wife of 75 years.

Despite his health setbacks, Edward Hardy, 94, has not forgotten how to play his wife's favorite song on the piano — the jazz classic, “Misty.” He even remembers the words. 

He serenaded his bride, Betty, 92, on their 75th wedding anniversary in September inside the nursing home where they live. 

Dating is not just for the young, and these two are ready to prove that at the age of 100.

Arthur Moult and Florence Philips weren't afraid to try something new when they agreed to be set up on a blind date — a first for both of them. 

Their home support staff in England brought them together after realizing they shared the same birthday. They took a trip to a local supermarket and shared a meal together, proving that all romance stories have to start somewhere. 

One couple waited more than 70 years for their happy ending. 

Katie Smith, 89, and Ed Sellers, 88, were teenage sweethearts, but their romance took some time off.

They went on to marry other people and were both widowed when they reconnected in their 80s and decided to get hitched once and for all in July.