Election Day Leaving You Stressed? Take a Look at the Puppy Cart!

Nebraska Humane Society came up with brilliant campaign to get puppies adopted.
Here comes the puppy cart! Nebraska Humane Society

The Nebraska Humane Society has a brilliant social media campaign to get folks to adopt their animals: they simply roll out the puppy cart.

The shelter has, for the last few years, posted videos of their adorable puppy carts whenever they get an influx of newborn dogs. And then people line up, excited to claim one.

It's not just a marketing tool. Because they're too young to be vaccinated, and are exposed to lots of germs in the shelter setting, staff move them around their facility by lining a cart on wheels and piling the pups in.

The latest entry is a pail of 9-week-old bulldog/bull terrier mix puppies.

These pups are available for adoption in Nebraska.
Nebraska Humane Society

Watch a video of the squirming pups on Election Day. We dare you not to melt.


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