Elephant Hospital, First of Its Kind, Opens in India

It's a hospital people actually want to visit — and it's dedicated solely to elephants.

It's a hospital people actually want to visit — and it's dedicated solely to elephants

The specialized hospital for elephants is the first of its kind to open in Mathura, India, championed by local Divisional Commissioner Anil Kumar.

It includes digital X-ray machines, thermal imaging tranquilization devices and quarantine facilities. There is also a medical hoist to lift the elephants.  

According to the Economic Times, more than half of Asia's elephants are in India. Some are held in captivity and sometimes mistreated by their owners, enduring everything from electrocution to poisoning. The hospital is specifically designed to treat elephants suffering from such injuries.

Veterinary students are able to watch and learn from an observation deck as well. The hospital also attracts tourists who can see the elephants being carefully cared for. 

"The elephants have been so mistreated and they are becoming extinct. I think it's really important we are finally doing something about it," said tourist Elizabeth Ritson.