Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya Keeps Babies Alive and Healthy by Feeding Them Goat Milk

Fresh goat milk is a very highly digestible protein and is also much less expensive than human baby formula. 

When some orphaned and abandoned elephant calves needed intervention to stay alive, they found help in northern Kenya’s Reteti Elephant Sanctuary.

There, these extra-large infants get the socialization, health care, and nutrition they need.  

Nutritionists at the sanctuary found the powdered milk formula they were using was not beneficial to the calves less than 6 months old.

They found a way to give the pachyderms the nourishment they required and bring financial resources into their local community.

Fresh goat milk, which a Reteti veterinarian says is a “very highly digestible protein,” is also much less expensive than human baby formula. 

In switching to a goat milk-based formula, the sanctuary can support Samburu County farmers, many of whom are women.

They also provide a healthier alternative for baby elephants.

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