Elizabeth Holmes Is Reportedly Seeking Money for New Startup After Theranos' Downfall

The saga of Elizabeth Holmes is featured in a new HBO documentary, "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley."

Disgraced former billionaire Elizabeth Holmes is reportedly seeking funding for a new startup venture, less than a year after Theranos officially shuttered its doors. 

Holmes famously dropped out of Stanford to start Theranos, a company once hailed as innovative for its breakthrough technology that claimed it could perform hundreds of lab tests using only a couple drops of blood. But the company was forced to shut down last September after its founder was accused of "massive fraud" by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

For her part, Holmes paid a $500,000 fine to the SEC, among other penalties. She is also charged with multiple counts of fraud for misleading investors, government officials and consumers about Theranos' technology. A trial date has not been set. She has denied any wrongdoing.

And yet, amid all this, Holmes wants to start another company, according to reports. 

Reporter John Carreyrou, who was the first to raise questions about what was happening Theranos in a 2015 Wall Street Journal article, said Holmes has a new idea and hopes to land investors, he told Vanity Fair last year. ABC News' podcast "The Dropout" recently spoke to Silicon Valley insiders who also claimed Holmes has been seeking funding for a new startup idea.

Part of what's fueling Holmes, those who know her speculate, is that she sees herself as a victim amid the Theranos scandal and blames Carreyrou for the company's downfall. 

“She has shown zero sign of feeling bad, or expressing sorrow, or admitting wrongdoing, or saying sorry to the patients whose lives she endangered,” Carreyrou told Vanity Fair last year. 

"She sees herself as sort of a Joan of Arc who is being persecuted," he added.

Holmes, whose story is also featured in the HBO documentary "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley," airing Monday at 9 p.m., reportedly wants to make her own film as well to show her side of the story. Jessie Deeter, one of the producers of the HBO doc, told Fast Company she sat down for what she thought would be a "casual dinner" with Holmes to discuss the HBO project and immediately faced questioning. 

"She went on and on and on and on," said Deeter. "And then she said she’d been wanting to make her own film. ... She was going to disrupt and do things entirely differently. And if we were so lucky, we’d be able to follow that, follow the reinvention of Theranos in her mind."

Holmes is also reportedly desperate to write a book.