Will George Clooney Go Through With Marriage?

Serious doubt is breaking out over sworn bachelor George Clooney and whether he will finally say "I do."

Seventy-six percent of people in an INSIDE EDITION online poll said no, not a chance he'll get married.

On our Facebook page, there was more support for Clooney and his fiancee, Amal Alamuddin, an accomplished human rights lawyer. 

Steven said: "I think he will. For once, an A-list movie star bypassing other Hollywood celebrities and reality-TV 'stars' in favor of someone with some intellect!"

The Knot site director Anja Winikka told INSIDE EDITION, "I think this time it's for real. I think that George Clooney found the one and I think that he's not messing around. I think that their wedding will be coming up very quickly."