Former D.A. Wanted To Prosecute Bill Cosby In 2004 Case

Bill Cosby has strenuously denied the sexual assault allegations being made against him with a clarification about a civil suit he says was resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. Not satisfied in that case was the prosecutor, who says he wanted to see Cosby criminally charged.

Andrea Constand, a college basketball star, claimed that Cosby drugged and raped her at his home outside Philadelphia in 2004.

Former Montgomery County D.A. Bruce Castor says he believed Constand's story but couldn't gather enough evidence against the comic icon, so, he was never charged.

He told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander, "I thought that Bill Cosby had engaged in inappropriate behavior, I just could not conclude it beyond a reasonable doubt."

Alexander asked, "What did you see as the biggest weakness in this case?"

"The biggest weakness in the case was the year long delay in the victim reporting it. We were unable to gather forensic evidence from her or get a search warrant or gather forensic evidence from the scene of the crime."

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Andrea Constand ended up suing Cosby. The case was settled out of court in 2006, but now, the allegations are coming back to haunt the 77-year-old comedian.  

Cosby has not spoken publicly about any of the allegations against him.

On The Talk, Sharon Osbourne said Cosby's silence is making him look guilty, “If it's not true and someone made allegations like that about me I would be screaming, I would be hysterical.”