Ex-Cheerleader Accused of Burying Baby Sobs During Police Interrogation

Prosecutors say Brooke Skylar Richardson's tears were an act.

Former Ohio cheerleader Brooke Skylar Richardson's police interrogation video was played for the first time in court Thursday. 

She shook with emotion as she watched her admission that she had a baby girl in secret and buried her in the backyard. 

“I didn't kill her,” she tells cops in the video. “I never meant to hurt her. I promise I didn't try and kill her." 

She is asked by police, “Did you say her?”

Richardson then confirms it was girl and that she was dead. 

“I don't want to go to jail,” she says in the video as she sobbed uncontrollably. 

She repeats over and over that it wasn't murder.

Then her parents come into the room. They look stunned and say they had no idea she was pregnant. 

But were Richardson’s tears all an act? Prosecutors showed a selfie she took the morning after she had the baby. Richardson was already working on getting her body back in shape.

She texted her boyfriend, who was also clueless about the pregnancy: “Last night was like the worst ever... But I feel soooooo much better this morning. I'm happy now.”

She also texted her mother saying, “Yay my belly is back now I am taking this opportunity to make it amazing.”

The ex-cheerleader insists she's not a baby killer, just a scared teenager who had a stillbirth and panicked.