Ex-'Top Chef' Contestant Adam Harvey Accused of Poisoning Tree That Was Blocking Solar Panels

He allegedly drilled holes in the tree and poured in weed killer to allow his solar panels to get more sun.

Former "Top Chef" contestant Adam Harvey has been accused of trying to kill his neighbor's 60-year-old tree because it was casting a shadow on solar panels adorning the roof of his Brooklyn home.

A neighbor allegedly captured Harvey on video drilling holes into the tree before pouring weed killer into the trunk.

Harvey reportedly told the neighbor he wanted to cut down the tree and she refused. He then allegedly sent a crew to cut it down weeks before the alleged poisoning, but neighbors intervened and contacted police.

"He thinks he can do whatever he wants, but he can't," one neighbor told Inside Edition.

Harvey told Inside Edition in a statement that he hopes to resolve the neighborhood conflict.

"Recent events caused unnecessary grief to my neighbors and family," he said. "My goal is to reach a quick resolution and I pledge to be a thoughtful and considerate neighbor moving forward."

Experts say it will take several months before they can determine whether the tree will survive the poisoning.